70% Boost in Online Application Submissions: Unlocking Data for Exponential Growth

Shweta Haight
Shweta Haight
Manager of Digital Product Management
Published on
11 Jan 2022
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Join us for an engaging discussion featuring Shweta Haight, the Manager of Digital Product Management at Golden1, California's largest credit union. Discover the hidden gems behind their remarkable accomplishments with Alpharank, which led to an astounding 70% increase in online application submissions within a mere nine months!

Shweta shares:

• Achieving an outstanding 70% boost in online application submissions

• Precise Metrics: Ditching clicks/impressions and focusing on completed applications and dollars generated

• The vital role of Alpharank’s data-driven recommendations in their success

• Analyzing past data to identify trends to uncover and fix major member and prospect pain points

• Mastering Incremental Progress: Collaborative efforts across functional areas

Golden1 is the gold standard. Meet Shweta Haight to learn what is driving their huge improvement! Unlock the true potential for making your online branch soar!